Back to Sanity Organizing Service, Binghamton NY

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should be my first steps, to starting with your service?

Contact Jenn at Back to Sanity Organizing Service, for a FREE Phone Consultation (607-426-6937)

Next we can schedule a date and time for me to come and evaluate your current situation.

What happens at the Evaluation?

  • I get to meet you in person.
  • Determine how and why your home got to its current state.
  • Write up a specific plan of action, that fits your needs and Budget.
  • Allows you to determine with me, how involved you desire to be in performing the tasks needed to accomplish your Goals.
  • Determine if additional support individuals will be required.
    ie. Housecleaners, Maintenance, Painters, Carpenters, etc.

Will Jenn, be strict, like those on popular organizing TV Shows?

Definitely NOT, I will work with you calmly, with understanding, to bring peace and order to your living space.

What if I’m ashamed to show you the current condition of my home?

Don’t be afraid to take that first step to contact me. Believe it or not, your situation is not that unusual. I really enjoy guiding and helping people organize and or eliminate their chaos.

I am so overwhelmed, is there a chance you cannot help me?

No, I am able to access the situation, and come up with a vision and game plan. Just this action alone can bring my clients comfort and hope.

Do you suggest the purchasing of organizing products?

Yes, however, once we sort and organize, you will find we can generally use what you currently have, unless you choose otherwise.

Are you available for follow up assistance?

Yes, that’s part of my service to clients. I will keep room in my schedule, to help you stay on track, if required.

Will you be the only person coming into my home, or will additional helpers be required?

If the situation requires additional help, I will arrange that.

However, most often it will be me, working with you.