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Back to Sanity Organizing

Since 2006, Jennifer Zimmermann and the crew of Back to Sanity Organizing has completed numerous projects throughout the Elmira – Horseheads - Corning region of New York. Her systematic, organized and deliberate approach to providing organizing services has made her one of the most desired organizing professionals by not only individual homeowners looking for assistance, but corporations assisting their top talent with reducing the stress associated with moving, packing or unpacking.

No two projects are alike, but they all start with a call to Jenn to get the process started. Call or contact us today to learn more and schedule an initial evaluation to see how we can help you organize your home.

Our services fall under three basic categories but are often combined when executing client projects.

Residential Organization / Declutter

Residential Organization / Declutter

It’s no secret most of us like stuff. For centuries humans have collected things. It’s natural, it’s OK.

Overtime our collections can impede our daily lives. Too many collectible toys, cookbooks, kitchen items or maybe just too much in general can fill our homes and create obstacles to our health, safety, or well-being. One of the most frequently asked questions is how do I know if I need help organizing my collection or my home?

Back to Sanity Organizing
  • Has your collection has grown beyond the original space you allocated for it, and you are faced with limited space to expand?
  • Has your collection grown beyond the size that you can display all times at the same time?
  • Do you have multiple collections of items that are now in each other’s space?
  • Has your collection of items spilled into the center of rooms, resulted in piles throughout different parts of your home or created aisles or walkways through rooms?
  • Are you no longer able to open all your home windows, doors, closets, or cabinets without any obstruction fear of something falling?
  • Are items permanently stored on counter tops, tables, furniture, or beds designed for a different us?
  • Do you store items in your bathroom, bathtub, or shower?
  • Do you refrain from inviting guests to your home because of lack of room, concern for your items or because you feel embarrassed by the way things are currently organized?
  • Do you feel like things are constantly messy, disorganized, or closing in on your space?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we can help you.

Back to Sanity Organizing

We understand that it takes a long time to create a collection of anything, especially one with valuables and there are often strong emotional ties to these items. Combine this with the fact that change is very difficult for many people and the concept of organizing one’s collection of items can be unappealing. If you have many collections or items belonging to different groups, the idea of organizing or decluttering can be terrifying. You don’t have to do this alone. This is where we come in.

Please note, you do not need to wait to call us until “it get’s really bad” or you are answering yes to all of the above questions. Many of our clients initiate a relationship with us to assist with organizing a particular part of their home. Kitchens, craft rooms, basements, or garages are some of the more common requests. Click here to see some of the results. It is not uncommon that we receive follow up requests to assist clients in other parts of their home or to assist them when it comes time to move.

Jenn has the experience and skill set to help you with your organization and decluttering needs for projects of any size. From simply organizing a collection to reducing its size we can help. When the number of collections increases, and you need to address this contact us for an evaluation.

Household Systems

Household Systems

In today’s world most of us have a consistent craving for more. More clothes to wear, more kitchen gadgets, more stuff. More than ever before people are reporting they are having less time to get things done. From cleaning a home, doing laundry, cooking meals, and just keeping your household organized, it takes time.

Let Jenn and the team at Back to Sanity Organizing Service help you organize your home which will organize your life, reduce your stress, and get you more time to enjoy your family and the things that matter most.

Back to Sanity Organizing
Back to Sanity Organizing

Our proven process will not only address the way you do things, but how you do things and the physical organization of your work areas to improve efficiency, save you time and often reduce other expenses.

  • Is your kitchen optimized for your family or your lifestyle?
  • Are you spending too much time completing your daily required household tasks?
  • Do you feel like you spend hours searching for items used on a regular basis?
  • Is clutter throughout your home adding to the time it takes to clean or complete other tasks?

If you answered yes, contact us today and schedule your evaluation with Jenn.

Moving and Relocation Services

Moving and Relocation Services

Whether you are coming or going, an organizing professional can make your move (and subsequent life) much less stressful. A physical move can be one of life’s most stressful events. From a new physical space to new relationships or changes in those left behind, most people simply do not feel any type of move is an enjoyable experience.

A call to Back to Sanity Organizing Service might be the most important call you make when moving. Let us help you with:

Back to Sanity Organizing
  • Figuring out what belongings are important in your life. Most people accumulate collections of items over time and what was once important may no longer have value to you.
  • Figuring out what items need to be moved. Does the item have value? Do you have an emotional tie with the item? Is it worth the space or expense to move? Do you have space where you are moving to for the item?
  • Packing your items. Let us help you organize your packing and pack your items. This will ensure items are not misplaced, lost, or left behind. It will also improve your efficiency when it comes time to unpack.
  • Decluttering your home to help prepare it to be staged for photos or to be listed for sale. As much as family photos, trophies and awards are important to those who own a home, theses are the first things that should be packed away when stagging a home. The potential buyer should be visualizing the potential for the space as theirs, not trying to relate to you or your family.
  • Discarding unwanted items. Let us help you dispose of your items in a way or method that is acceptable to you, and you are comfortable with. It may involve assisting with organizing items to be donated, sold, or simply hauled away.
  • Unpacking items and assisting with the organization and creation of a household system is a service that can set you up for success for years to come. We specialize in the set-up and organization of Kitchens but enjoy helping clients throughout their home.

We realize that people move for different reasons. The move might be exciting and happy as clients maybe chasing their dreams, following new opportunities, growing their families, etc. We also know that sometimes a move is not as happy for those downsizing because of lost income, perhaps needing to move to an assisted living center or skilled nursing facility. No matter what the reason, we are always respectful and empathetic to our client’s situation and requirements.

What we don’t do…

What we don’t do…

While we believe it is important to understand the services we provide our clients, it is just as important to understand what we do not do.

  • We are not a hands-off company, and this is not a hands-off project. Organizing, decluttering, categorizing, packing, or unpacking requires a hand on approach. We work side by side with you to not only get the job done but show you how to set up your organizing system and provide you with the information and skill needed to maintain it long after we are gone. While there may be some tasks we can complete independently on your behalf, working side by side to complete your organizational project will produce the best long-term results.
  • We do not provide routine house cleaning services or services on a regularly scheduled basis. While a little cleaning is often needed during our projects and some of our clients retain us after an initial project to help them organize or declutter a different part of their home, we are not the team you would hire to routinely clean your kitchen, floors, bathrooms, etc.
  • We are not a clean out company. On occasion we may assist with a large project that requires the use of a dumpster to remove a large volume of items determined by the owner that they fit in to the “discard” category, however this is not common. We are not the team you would retain to simply empty a home after a tenant moves out or be retained by an out-of-town client when the death of a family member requires the complete emptying of a home to prepare it for sale.

If you have any questions about our services, the process or more, be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. If we don’t answer your question there, please contact us.