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A Letter from Suzie

Jenn was a wonderful help to me when I was going through and organizing areas of my home. She had great ideas about consolidating and making the best use of the space that we have. She was also very patient and helpful when it came to decisions as far as what to keep, donate, and discard. Sometimes those decisions are hard, especially when it comes to items with memories attached. It was wonderful to have someone kind and caring to work through all of that with. I can’t believe how fast time flew by. Jenn made something I was dreading, enjoyable and I love how my space turned out!

-- Suzie R. - Breesport, NY

A Letter from Cathleen

I would definitely recommend Jenn from Back to Sanity! She helped me organize my out- of- control basement. At first I did not want my shelves organized, only what was piled all over the floor. However, she showed me the benefit of starting with the shelves, then moving on to the rest of it, so all items we did not donate or discard would have a “home”. Jenn also labeled all of my bins, stating the contents inside. This has been a huge help moving forward, in keeping everything organized. When I felt overwhelmed, she was confident, steady and efficient. I am pleased with how my basement looks and I no longer dread going to that space.

-- Cathleen P. - Binghamton, NY

A Letter from Shannon

“I hired Jenn to help me move in to my new house and she helped me organize my kitchen. I couldn’t have done it without her. Jenn stays focused. I am all over the place. Jenn methodically determines where items should be stored according to where appliances and workspace is. Very good planner. Came out with a great system that helped my workspace flow. Jenn is a lot of fun as well. Great to have a cheerful presence in the midst of confusion and disarray.”

-- Shannon P. - Horseheads, NY